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Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Harassment at Workplace

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In 2017, the US Department of Labor (USDOL) updated the Code of Federal Regulations for Equal Employment Opportunity in Registered Apprenticeship (29 CFR 30). In May 2021, USDOL approved the Oregon Plan provided by Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) for Equal Employment Opportunity in Registered Apprenticeship Programs (Oregon Plan) to align with the revised Code of Federal Regulations.

The Oregon Plan requires that all registered apprenticeship programs provide anti-harassment training. Since the objective of this training is to create an apprenticeship training environment that is free from harassment and discrimination, this training must be delivered to all individuals connected with administering or operating the apprenticeship program. This means anyone that apprentices regularly are in contact with as a part of their training.

As an option, the Oregon & Southwest Washington Mason Trades JATC is using a web-based, self-directed training provided by the USDOL.  The first part of the training consists of a short video that offers an overview of issues related to workplace harassment – what it is, who may be a target or a perpetrator, and what to do if an apprentice or other employee experiences or witnesses harassment in the workplace. Following the video, is an online Knowledge Check module to test your understanding of the video’s content.