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BAC members represent the best in the masonry industry, as well as the labor movement. They show up for work ready and able to produce work of the highest quality, and as Union members are committed to advancing our Union's causes and promoting the unionized masonry industry. These qualities have distinguished BAC from the rest for more than 140 years.

As a member of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, I will uphold the code of conduct embedded in our Union's name - IUBAC:

I  will come to work prepared to give my employer a fair day’s work for a fair wage, and to work to the highest standards.

• Be Union through and through – loyal to, and respectful of, my brothers and sisters in the trade and the labor movement.

• Work Better because I have received the finest, most comprehensive masonry-trowel trades training in North America.

• Willingly Accept responsibility for the quality of my work and behavior on the job.

• And always be Committed to growing the unionized masonry-trowel trades industry for current and future generations.