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Apprenticeship provides you with the most extensive career training in the industry which is accomplished with On-the-Job and Related Training to give you a solid future in the Trades.  This is offered to you at no cost - Yes, it is free!  Whether it is Brick, Block, Stone, Tile, Masonry Restoration, Marble or Terrazzo, we can find a fit for you.

It’s no secret that there is a growing need for highly-skilled craft workers, and everyone also knows the most-skilled are starting to reach retirement age.  That's why we at BAC Local 1, OR/WA/ID/MT have taken a proactive stance with our Apprenticeship Training Programs to secure the future of the Craft.

In these programs, you will gain the necessary tools and skills you need to be successful in the Masonry Trade.  Whether you have no experience at all or maybe a little, contact the apprenticeship office to find out how you can begin your career in Masonry.

Ways/Methods of Training We Provide

Training is generally imparted in two ways:

  • On the job training- On the job training provides actual working scenario. The motto of such training is “learning by doing.”  Apprentices are trained at the work site while he or she is doing the actual job. Usually a Journeyman serves as the hands-on trainer for the Apprentice and often supports and provides the practical application towards mastering their skills.
  • Related (Classroom) training- Related training is crucial for our Apprentices and Journeymen.  Classroom training is at the Mason Trades Building.  Many times, related training duplicates the actual working conditions.  The classroom setting allows Apprentices to pay more attention to the activities and projects.  Thus, making them more confident when returning back to the job site.



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