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The International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers is the oldest labor organization in North America representing one of the oldest crafts in the world. Local 1 Oregon/Washington/Idaho/Montana was formed on October 1, 2019. Our territory covers the entire Columbia Basin to include - Oregon, Southwest and Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana.  

The main goal of our Local is to provide, protect and improve the quality of life and general welfare of our members.  We work diligently to represent members of our work force and signatory contractors by:

Workforce                                                       Contractors
Excellent paying jobs                                    Established Payroll standards
Earning respect on the job                          Qualified productive manpower
Providing a voice on the job                        Industry educated workforce
Safe working conditions                              Safe workers
Quality & generous health benefits           Established Health & Welfare benefit program(s)
Secure retirement benefits                          Established Pension program(s)
Training/Apprenticeship opportunities     State certified & approved apprenticeship/training program

Our craftworkers include:

  • Bricklayers,
  • Stone and Marble Masons,
  • Tilesetters,
  • Terrazzo Workers,
  • Pointer/Cleaners/Caulkers,
  • Refractory Specialists, and
  • Finishers